End-Of-Life Care

We understand that the farewell journey is a deeply personal and emotional experience. In these difficult moments, you and your pet are not alone – our caring team stands by you, ensuring every moment is handled with the utmost respect and sensitivity.

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A Journey of Dignity and Respect

Our Petzoic Vet Hospital team is committed to ensuring your pet’s comfort and dignity throughout their final journey, offering our support and guidance at every step. Our services include thoughtful quality-of-life assessments, gentle and compassionate euthanasia options both at our hospital and in the comfort of your home, and a variety of meaningful ways to memorialize and honour the life of your beloved pet.

A Sanctuary of Solace

Our facility features a private, serene room designed to offer a peaceful space for you and your pet. Adorned with calming furnishings and situated adjacent to a discreet exit, this tranquil haven ensures your privacy and comfort, allowing you the space and dignity to say goodbye without the distress of public visibility.

Honouring Memories

Alongside communal or private cremation services, where private cremation includes the return of your pet’s ashes in a chosen urn, we offer a range of heartfelt memorial options:

Custom pawprint mementos.

Elegant glass-blown ornaments and exquisite diamonds, encapsulating precious memories, crafted from your pet's ashes.

Eco-friendly Bio-Urns, allowing you to grow a living tree memorial from your pet's ashes, symbolizing life after life.

Each option provides a way to honour and remember your pet, keeping the essence of their spirit forever intertwined with your life.